Monday, September 27, 2010

Gayhead and crazy goat eyes

Gayhead and it's clay cliffs

This beach was absolutely beautiful. The clay cliffs were so vibrant in color not to mention half the beach was also nude which equally exciting to look at haha. Also crazy goat eyes picture from a farm!

sunset sailing

The magic carpet

 Dangerous was so nice and took us on a huge sailboat at sunset! It was my first time on a sail boat that large and I even got to steer it for a little, though I wasn't quite as good at it as Justin. The name of the sail boat was the magic carpet which I found very fitting!!


Menemsha: a fishing town

 Yummy fresh fish, lobster and nautical antiques. What more could one ask for??

Alpaca Island!

Alpaca Island!!!

 By far one of my favorite places on Martha's Vineyard because everyone knows how much I love Alpacas. There was a little baby that was only a week old and could hardly walk (shown in picture with the mom) and the others were hilarious and would literally put their entire head in the box of hay to eat. So funny!!

Newport mansions

Newport Mansions

The Newport mansions are quite impressive. I wasn't able to take pictures inside the two Vanderbilt mansions that we toured but they were basically equivalent to Versailles but directly on the stunning bluffs overlooking the coastline. So picturesque!

Newport Rhode Island

Newport Rhode Island.

I now understand why the Kennedy's spent so much time here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

more CT

More Ct

Compo Beach and my favorite house (besides the Lucas residence) that is yellow and was a brothel back in the day!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Oh Honey.

 Now although this is at the same orchard as the previous post, these bee hives were by far my favorite part and thus deserving of their own post. I LOVED them!! but I have to say eating the fresh blueberries was also very enjoyable. This orchard was really just a magical place!

Orchard hike

Orchard Hike. Weston CT

Justin took me on a hike through the woods that ended in this amazing farm which had everything from corn to blueberries you could pick straight off the bush! There were tons of butterflies as well which can be seen by ones literally attacking sweetie in the picture above. Glad i caught that on camera ha! wow i haven't blogged in forever now but more posts to come. yay!!