Monday, April 19, 2010

San Francisco weekend

San Francisco weekend-er

Ok so this update I put up a little earlier then I was going to because of post pressure from a certain madeleine dick godfrey :)
anyway there will be more to come of this weekend since the majority of the pictures were taken on my newly acquired (thanks to sweetie) lovely holga- this being said, there might not be any more pictures if the holga pictures didn't turn out since I am a first time user hehe whoopss might have exposed the film a few times. One will just have to wait and see. The trip was spent in San Fran and Monterey where we ate amazing fish and saw the golden gate, the lone cypress and much more. Ohhh and another later post I will show some pictures of the "Mystery Spot" in Santa Cruz- a slightly strange experience

Sunday, April 11, 2010

tito's tacos

Tito's Tacos.

So I realize there hasn't been much in the way of updates lately but that is all changing right now. Tonight sweetie and I went to the famous Tito's Tacos. Very popular spot of the Los Angeles locals, yet being born and raised in San Diego- next to the border- I didn't see the big fuss...Still, very good cheap eats mexican food. We also for our date night went to see the new movie "date night". I give it five stars in my book. hilarious